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My Dogs

Spencer  DOB Nov 2005

SpencerSpencer came along in 2005 and he is a little sweetie. who is devoted to me and, although not as fast as a collie he is does really well and is my first consistent dog, he's had more clears in his first year of competition than Kira's had in her whole career! He is now grade 5 moving up on points, this doesn't mean he hasn't won any classes because he has, jumping classes he can win, but we always seem to be out of the places on in the agility ones. So with that in mind this year 2013 at the grand old age of 8 I have retired him from the agility classes but we will still be competing in the jumping ones

Bridget (AKA Didge) DOB March 2008

Bridget is my beautiful hand full. She was bred by a friend of mine Lisa Gantly and was supposed to be a boy but when I saw her I fell in love. She is fast and has great potential I just need to be quicker to keep up with her. We have a few clear rounds and even got a 10th place!

She is supposed to have hip dysplasia in one of her hips but she has never let it slow her down. So don't write your dog off if it has a slight problem keeping them fit and healthy allows them to live life to the full.

Toadie DOB April 2009

The Toad, there is a theme to my dogs names honestly all of them are named after tv characters. Mostly from Neighbors hence Toadie, was given to me by one of my driving students he was 13 weeks when I got him I was going to find a home for him but he stayed. Agility well he can do it but he is a bit of a chicken and get's spooked easily. Having said that he has got a 3rd place once. I'm working on building his confidence but I have decided to retire him as competing was stressing him out. We still train and you never know one day we may come back.

Kyle March 2013

Kyle is a working sheep dog from Wales. I was on holiday at JDA and the weather was unfortunately wet so me and my friend Karen went to look at some puppies. The last thing I said don't let me bring one back, well I didn't bring back one from that litter he was from another. He has one blue eye like Libby did let's hope he enjoys life half as much as she did. He will start competing in September and his training is going well. Watch this space


Kira July 1996 - Feb 2008

Kira was my first dog she was a collie cross and she got me into agility.

Kira never liked working on the right and she span like you wouldn't believe (unless of course you've seen me run her). Mostly my fault, something to do with the fact there is a 3 second time delay between my brain and my mouth, and my love of savoury food! Unfortunately I lost Kira in February of 2008 when she just stopped eating probably due to heart failure, so I made the hardest decision of my life and let her go. RIP old girl.

Libby DOB Nov 1999 - June 2013

LibbyI got Libby in 1999 she is an ISDS registered working sheep dog (although she has never worked sheep) she was fast and could do agility in her sleep but again she is held back by me. Libby and I finally got it together in June of 2006 and we won an agility class at the RVA show and reached grade 3. She was my soul mate and although getting on in age and competing for a couple of years in anysize she hasretired in 2011 living a life of luxury. Unfortunately I lost Libby in June 2013 after a short illness.